Candidate Information

Information for Candidates:

Nomination Day is Tuesday, May 1, 2018.

This is the first day for candidates to file a nomination paper for the office of mayor, councillor or school board trustee

A campaign period begins once a nomination paper is filed. Preliminary expense limit and other legislative documentation is provided to candidates on the day they file.

Nomination packages will be available to pick up from the Clerk’s office after April 1, 2018.

Candidate Eligibility:

To be eligible as a candidate in Clearview Township, you must meet the following requirement:

  • A Canadian citizen At least 18 years of age
  • A resident of Clearview Township, a non-resident owner or tenant of land in Clearview Township or the spouse of such non-resident owner or tenant
  • Not legally prohibited from voting
  • Not disqualified by any legislation from holding municipal office